Thursday, January 22, 2015

Wyatt, McRae, Windo, Sinclair

If I understand this correctly, the French magazine Improjazz will release an album called "One Night Stand" with Robert Wyatt (drums, voice), Dave McRae (keyboards), Gary Windo (tenor saxophone) and Richard Sinclair (bass guitar)!

Vinyl, 300 copies only and out in March 2015. No info on recording dates or track names, so this is all i know. And I stole the idea for this blog post from Hibou, Anemone & Bear.

You may order from here.


eitanshavit said...

This is probably the Bootleg recording of WMWM, recorded at Ronnie Scott's in London, April 14, 1973.
I think I have it somewhere, I need to search :)
Thanks for the info!


Svenn said...
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Svenn said...

Alright! Now I see that Une Discographie De Robert Wyatt lists one:

FrontRowDetroit said...

The back cover of the Vinyl lists the date as April 28, 1973. but the CD info has April 14.