Saturday, May 30, 2015

Shiny Men

I don´t believe I have ever held this record in my hands before, but thanks to eBay I got it a couple of days ago.

Shiny Men: "Again!" (Experimental 1981).

- Robert Wyatt - singing, "scat gurgling" on the track "Dream Pussy"
- Chris Lavelle - vocal, guitar
- Chris O'Neill - keyboards
- Jerry Soffe - bass
- Frank Hockney - drums, percussion

Jim Stuttart plays clarinet on "Dream Pussy".

Cover art: Mick Clack.

The Wyatt-track is on no sampler or any other versions of this release, is it?

Never heard it before? Listen on YouTube.

And it´s still for sale on eBay, but one seller wants 400 GBPs for it. I got it for around 20 GBPs (postage included).

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