Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Soft Machine: Spaced

Now here is an album you might not have heard, even if you are interested in Robert Wyatt and Soft Machine: Soft Machine - "Spaced" (Cuneiform 1996).

Cuneiform made me listen to this one again (it´s been a while I must admit), since they posted one of the tracks on Soundcloud. And it sounds pretty cool!

This version of Soft Machine is Robert Wyatt, Hugh Hopper and Mike Ratledge, and the music were (according to the CD liner notes) made to make "suitably deranged and doomy sounds" for Peter Dockley´s multimedia show at the Roundhouse in 1969.
The version on the CD has been "fairly radically edited".

"Spaced" is available (or is it downloadable?) over at Cuneiform´s Bandcamp and on iTunes.

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