Monday, June 22, 2015

Jaga Jazzist: Starfire (Ninja Tune 2015)

Wow! You have to check out the new Jaga Jazzist album, "Starfire", on Ninja Tine (2015).
Get blown away and still hum a long to this big band jazz electronica prog amalgam.
According to Ninja Tune it is L.A. inspired too, since Lars Horntveth moved there in 2012.

The Band is:

Lars Horntveth
Martin Horntveth
Line Horntveth
Øystein Moen
Marcus Forsgren
Andreas Mjøs
Even Ormestad
Erik Johannessen

Cool cover design by Martin Kvamme. Striped plastic makes the images move when you move it. Psychedelic!

Watch "Starfire" Live on KCRW and "Oban" Live on NRK P3 (with a choir of Norwegian musicians, whose names you will find on YouTube)

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