Friday, February 12, 2016

Left on Man

Robert Wyatt videos from BBC Four (2006) seem to come and go on the net, and I must have posted them before, but here is "Left on Man" from "Dondestan" (1991).

The band (stolen from another video still up):

Annie Whitehead, trombone, arrangements
Jennifer Maidman, vocal, electric guitar
Harry Beckett, trumpet
Larry Stabbins, saxophone
Janette Mason, piano
Steve Lamb, bass;
Liam Genockey, drums

Added 13 February:
See comment for corrections.


prospettive musicali said...

It's Dudley Phillips on bass. It's one of the songs filmed at Depot Studios in 2003 for Mark Kidel's documentary film "Free Will and Testament: the Robert Wyatt Story"(Somethin’ Else for Bbc, 2003).

Svenn said...

Thanks Alessandro, you have a better memory than me! Now I see I posted it in 2011, hoping the documentary would be available on the net for a while :-)