Friday, February 12, 2016

The Wilde Flowers Reviewed

A fine review (8/10 score) of the The Wilde Flowers compilation released on Floating World in Uncut no. 226 March 2016.

A total of three pages including a Q & A interview with Robert Wyatt by Tom Pinnock.

Wyatt is putting things straight by comments so dry you have to brush them off your shoulders smiling:

Q: What part did Daevid Allen play in the development of the group? I understand he introduced you all to a lot of music and art.
A: Yes, I´ve read that too. (before going on)

Q: Kevin (Ayers) must have seemed like a very exotic character when he first appeared in your circles..did he galvanise the group?
A: He certainly added the ´e´ to Wild. For Oscar of course. I don´t recall ´exotic´ being a feature of his presence.........

One of the tracks on the CD coming with this issue of Uncut is The Wilde Flowers´ "Memories" from 1966.

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