Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Sea Song / Ocean In The Distance

As I already told you I had put in an order for Daevid Allen and The University of Error´s "Sea Song" cover, and it didn´t take long before I had it.

What a beautiful release this is! Great version of "Sea Song" and a fine "Ocean In the Distance" on side b, and check out the photos of Daevid Allen by Ricardo Lionhearto (!)! Innercover to the left there.

Seems like they still have some of the 445 copies (!) for sale over at Planet Gong Bazaar.


Phonemes said...

OK, I succumbed. This is a bit over budget for me, but I heard it on Spotify and found it simply irresistible, so I gave myself this present which I am now anxiously awaiting.

Svenn said...

Good choice!. Thanks for commenting.

I can´t find it on Spotify here in Norway, but offers vary around the world I guess.

Phonemes said...

I think I made a mistake about Spotify, since I can't find it now. Perhaps I just heard the sample that you posted in an earlier post - anyhow, it was enough to make me pull my creditcard. For which I thank you.