Saturday, May 17, 2008

Headache anyone?

Today (17 may) is Norway's National Day. Yes, hurray and thank you. It is a day for serious drumming (and don't forget, we party 16. May). What better then, than to celebrate with some heavy drumming. You get a recording of drum and percussion master Terje Isungset (who also is great on instruments made by ice) (London 2003), a recommendation of a Norwegian folk album Rolf K. Seldal: "Trommeslåttar og anna på slåttetromme" (Etnisk Musikklubb 2007)and finally we show you how far this drumming business may go if you don't watch out! Boys from different "Buekorps" (Bow Corps) in Bergen are trying to drum each other out of style.

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