Thursday, May 15, 2008

University of Errors

Professor Paradox and his staff made sure that all their students passed the exams thursday night at The Garage Club in Bergen. A lot of students were missing, but Daevid Allen's University of Errors didn't seem to be put off by that. The students present were enthusiastic! The band concentrated their efforts on the oldest Soft Machine material (i.e. all of "Jet Propelled Photographs", we'll come back to that one in a day or two), but also pumped out some good old Gong stuff. The University of Errors are Daevid Allen (voc, g), Josh Pollock (g), Michael Clare (b) and Warren Huegel (dr). Look for more pictures in my Flickr Canterburians set. You'll find the tour press release here, where Robert Wyatt says: "Thanks for the University of Errors. Great BAND! – please congratulate Josh P. and all the lads!”.

Allen: "Now, what is that makes sweet music?"
Audience: "Love!"
Allen:"Yes, that's right! Love makes sweet music!"

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