Thursday, June 3, 2010


Asphalt from Tone Åse on Vimeo.

Check out this beautiful song by Bol! The words for "Asphalt" are written by Norwegian poet Rolf Jacobsen. Bol is Tone Åse, Ståle Storløkken and Tor Haugerud, but let me just steal Tone Åse´s info on Vimeo:
"Bol with Snah (Hans Magnus Ryan) and Stian Westerhus at Blæst, Jazzfest 2010, Trondheim
Tone Åse vocals and live electronics, Ståle Storløkken keyboards, Tor Haugerud drums, Hans Magnus Ryan guitar and vocals, Stian Westerhus guitar. Video by Andreas Schille and Martin Sæther.
Music by Tone Åse, Lyrics Rolf Jacobsen, transl. by Olav Grinde"

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