Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Robert Wyatt: The next step

When I am searching through old school media (newspapers and such) and social media like Twitter, blogs and Facebook, for news on Robert Wyatt, I´m always happy to see all those people who like our man. Most people dig his latest albums and lots of them mention "Shipbuilding" (written by Elvis Costello) or the album "Rock bottom". Not strange at all!

If any newcomers to Wyatt end up in here for some reason, let me suggest you try some of his not so rock or pop influenced stuff too. I have already mentioned Wyatt´s works with Michael Mantler in this blog, but one more time won´t hurt (look here and here).
Please check Un DIscographie de Robert Wyatt for albums where Wyatt participates.
How about Wyatt singing John Cage on "Jan Steele/John Cage", on Eno´s Obscure label (1976), or a reading/singing of Harold Pinter´s "Silence" (Watt 1976)?
You know I dig Robert Wyatt as a pop singer just as much as all of you, but I would not mind some more with a touch of contemporary classical or jazz either.

I am a bit surprised that I have hardly mentioned "Nick Mason´s Fictitious Sports" (1981), with Michael and Karen Graft, Carla Bley, Nick Mason, Chris Spedding, Gary Windo, Gary Valente and Howard Johnson! Borrow or buy this together with the horror album "The hapless child and other inscrutable stories", with Michael Mantler´s music and lyrics by Edward Gorey (with Carla Bley, Steve Swallow, Terje Rypdal and Jack DeJohnette).

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Yves said...

'The Hapless Child' is a favourite of mine. The original french pressing came with a special 'paper banner' stating something like "The new Robert Wyatt album"