Sunday, June 6, 2010

Nattjazz 5 June

The Bergen Nattjazz festival ended last night, and I got to hear Jonas Kullhammar Quartet. They delivered great hard swinging jazz, with fantastic solos all the way through, for a packed house.

Kullhammar´s quartet this night was the boss himself on tenor saxophone, Torbjörn Gulz (piano), Jonas Holgersson (drums) and Ole Morten Vågan (bass). Kullhammar is a great entertainer, telling silly stories between every number, so I´m not sure if this one is true (even if he claimed it was), but the regular bass player Torbörn Zetterberg had to be replaced by Vågan because he had entered a monastery.

Kullhammar also wanted everyone to get their new album "Från och med herr Jonas Kullhammar" (Moserobie 2010), not only for the music, but because the world´s most sexy man was on the cover!
And the album sounds great too!

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