Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Maja Ratkje

The blog  "Musikk fra Norge" (in Norwegian) has collected news on Maja Ratkje today, and the short version for you is that we will have new albums from Poing, Slugfield (live with Pal Nilssen-Love and Lasse Marhaug) and Trondheim Sinfonietta, and even a DVD with SPUNK on Rune Grammofon.

On Maja Ratkje´s new site you will find lots of concert dates, and I hope to see her and Zeena Parkins 11 January in Bergen, even if it seems to be a secret here! Ratkje/Parkins will also play in  Trondheim (12 January), and at the All Ears festival in Oslo 13 January.

In my notebook also put down:  SPUNK in Bergen and Molde, and Maja with  Stian Westerhus and Trondheim Jazz Orchestra in Molde. SPUNK will do concerts with Joëlle Léandre at the  Molde festival, and I hope it will be just as good as  her duo concert with Maja Ratkje at the 2009 festival!

2011 FTW!

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