Monday, January 3, 2011

Silje Nes

How about some slow walking pop today? I saw this way of describing the music of Norwegian singer Silje Nes in a review, and it fits well I think.  This is home made electronica or pop, that sometimes is so shy that you may forget to listen. Nothing wrong about that!
Silje Nes´ first album  "Ames Room" was released late 2007, and last year  "Opticks" came, both on FatCat.

The mood of the albums is what gets me, but there are catchy tunes in here too. On the new album I may point at "Crystals" and the Thurston Moore cover  "Silver>Blue", and "Symmetry Of Empty Space" could have been used in Twin Peaks.

Both albums and some singles are on Spotify to be checked out.

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