Friday, January 28, 2011

No Pussyfooting and Evening Star

I seem to have forgotten all about my Classics series, but look here, two classic albums in one post!
Brian Eno from Roxy Music and Robert Fripp from King Crimson met, and recorded two duo albums in the 70s. It´s early ambient, early Frippertronics, with guitar solos by Fripp treated by Eno with (as it is written) "2 Modified Revox A77 Tape Recorders" on "No Pussyfooting" and "Loops and Synthesizer" on "Evening Star".

"No pussyfooting" was released in 1973, with one track on each side. "The heavenly music corporation" is named after a brand of  marijuana cigarettes ("Heavenly Music"), mentioned in Philip K. Dicks novel "The man in the high castle" (and I am reading that now, what a coincidence!), and "Swastika girls" is inspired by a picture from a porn magazine Eno "happened to find in the studio". Good to know, isn´t it? (I found the info in David Sheppard´s book "On some faraway beach").

From the quality of my vinyl, it seems like I have been playing "Evening Star" (1975)  more often than "No Pussyfooting", the reason I believe, is that I loved the tracks "Evening Star" and "Evensong". They are still extremely beautiful.
We get a total of five tracks on this album,  and "Wind on Wind" is an excerpt from "Discreet Music", and "An index of metals" fills all of side two.

And the reason I started playing these albums now, is that I somehow found some info on  what seems to be a great recording of a concert, Fripp & Eno did in Paris in 1975. So far you may buy files, but a CD release is planned this year.

Is this a bootleg, or is it an official release? I´m not sure.

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