Sunday, January 9, 2011

My first Christmas record this year

I stayed away from Christmas records for most of December, but on Friday I bought my first one for the festive season 2011! While looking for new records in one of my local stores I fell for the cover on a 7" with the folk rock band Trembling Bells, released on  Honest Jon´s (2010). On one side Bonnie Prince Billy sings a very sad New Year´s eve song, the title telling it all, being "New Year´s Eve´s the Loneliest Night of the Year", and on the flip side  Mike Heron of Incredible String Band sings "Feast of Stephen". The latter song described by the record company as "a Boxing Day ghost story".

You get a nice sleeve, and it is probably limited (no artist named or numbers given), but the music is also sold on iTunes.

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