Sunday, May 22, 2011

Art in Bergen right now

On Saturdays I usually walk around in Bergen for some hours, visiting galleries. My favorites are the small galleries like Entrée, Knipsu, Galleri Fisk and S12, where you may even get a chance to meet the artists. Here are some images for you, if you care at all!

- On top we see Etan Hayes-Chute´s cottage, raised inside Entrée, looking like it´s been there since the 1950s. Ecological retro art perhaps? If you visit Bergen before 31 July, you may see it.

- At Knipsu the bachelor students in photography at Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen show their work. I fell for Ellen Henriette Suhrke´s "On How to Attract the Hare", and bought the book on how to go hare hunting in Helsinki! I relly needed that one!

- Italian-chilean Carla Garlaschi designed a "Pleasure Island" at Galleri Fisk. She used "painting , video, stickers things bought, borrowed, owned and some other toys". "Love Bombing" was painted by streetpainters in some big city, from a collage made by Garlaschi.

- The Mexican brothers Einar and Jamex de la Torre have been staying at  S12 for a while, and have made all the glass art exhibited in "Fallen Angels" here. Glass art is something I can like, but this is not the very thin elegant works of art that you may often see! These guys are pretty wild, and their pieces made me smile from the moment I entered the gallery! I´m really sorry I couldn´t see them work here. Visit before 3 July.

More pictures in my arts set on Flickr.

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