Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Nattjazz 2011

If you happen to be anywhere near Bergen (Norway) 24 May - 4 June you should visit our jazz festival Nattjazz.

Any visit is your own responsibility, but here are my suggestions (based on knowledge and guessing):
Scorch Trio and Mats Eilertsen Trio with Harmen Fraanje (25 May), Sidsel Endresen & Stian Westerhus Duo and Building Instrument (26 May), Cakewalk and Koenigsberg (27 Amy), Arve Henriksen Trio and Die Enttäuschung (28 May), Atomic (31 May), Magnus Broo (1 June), Team Hegdal and Ultralyd (2 June), Moe (3 June) and Salif Keita and Wunderkammer (4 June). Oh, and Tortoise are here too!

You may even bring kids to the Bajazz festival for children, and make sure you hear  Crab is Crap feat. Håkon Kornstad (29 - 30 May).

Nattjazz is a jazz festival, but the festival use genre descriptions such as these, to describe the bands: noise groove, progressive guitar jazz rock, gypsy surf, ethiogroove, futuristic drone metall, desert-balkan-bollywood, free jazz blues funk, ethnosentric acid polka and avant-punkblues. So be warned!

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