Friday, October 7, 2011

Another release party with 1982

A couple of weeks ago, 1982 sent a message in a bottle from Bergen. The bottle contained a limited version of their album "Pintura" (Hubro 2011), now available in Norway on CD, LP and mp3 files (international release late November).

Yesterday they held a more traditional release party at the Bergen Jazzforum. Sigbjørn Apeland (organ), Nils Økland (fiddle) and Øyvind Skarbø (drums) were on the floor, with the audience on the stage and floor surrounding them. In this intimate setting they did a great concert, flavored by improv, contemporary classical, folk and jazz. We heard incredibly beautiful melodies, free and playful parts and fiddle virtuosity, all of it improvised. For a while the music was made only from the cracking of the wood of the organ and Økland´s shoes while Skarbø was brushing the drums. And I am not lying, towards the end of the concert Skarbø was doing a duo with a hail storm outside the windows!
Buy the album and hope to see 1982 live, and don´t forget their previous album on NORCD

And if you find one of the bottles they have thrown into the sea, make me an offer. OK?

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