Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Kjetil Møster/Staer 12"

Warning: This blog post is mainly for hardcore record collectors.

Kjetil Møster and Staer released a one sided 12" clear vinyl on the new label Drid Machine (Co-released with Mozart Kebab and Action Jazz).
Møster´s track "Mø/Staer" plays the usual way (from edge to the middle of the record), while Staer´s "Triangle Pinks" plays from the label towards the middle.
The music is recorded, mixed and mastered by Møster and Jørgen Træen.
Meant for sale at concerts, but try Drid Machine or Tiger in Oslo.

Kjetil Møster´s track is on SoundCloud, and I will post it here when the site is working properly again (having trouble this Tuesday).

MÖ/STAER by kjetilmoester

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