Sunday, October 2, 2011

Mixed candy

I have fallen a bit behind here, and try the easy way out with a list of recommendations, instead of one blog post for each album. Mixed candy? At last mixed, but I guess the different tastes does not fit together perfectly for all of you. Check out some of them then, if you have the time.

- Altar of Plagues: "Mammal" (Candlelight 2011). Dark, epic metal.
- Humcrush with Sidsel Endresen: "Ha!" (Rune 2011). Strønen, Storløken and Endresen improvisering. Nuff said!
- In the Country: "Sounds and Sights" (Rune 2011). Sad and beautiful, but not too sweet. You get a DVD too!
- Richmond Fontaine: "The High Country" (El Cortez 2011). Dramatic short prose, dressed in black country-americana, all weaved together into one story. Fine!
- Josh T. Pearson: "Last of the Country gentlemen" (Mute 2011).I missed this artist at the Bergenfest festival this spring. very sad and very slow, but perfect for some of the hard days we all meet.
-Two albums by veteran sax player Kris Wanders on Not Two: "Taken by Surprise" (Kris Wanders / Mani Neumeier Quintet) and "In Remembrance of the Human race" (The Kris Wanders Outfit). Great stuff!

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