Monday, February 20, 2012

Kjetil Møster and Alex Gunia

The 300 Acting Spaces kick offs are over, and the series is starting for real.
I promise not to post all videos from this series, even if several of my regular visitors are present.
Check out the tour schedule here.

The video shows a Kick Off concert with Kjetil Møster and Alex Gunia (project organizer).

And talking about Kjetil Møster again (!), I don´t think his 2011 solo album has got much press? "Blow Job" was released on +3dB, and is the second release in a series they call "Music for ONE", where bass player Michael Duch was the first one out. And I must say even the record company is pretty quiet about Møster´s album. Something wrong with the title perhaps?
Try Kjetil Møster´s album, if you can take some experimental sax playing, and why not start with the tracks "No wonder we love" and "Sayonaro"!
Tiger in Oslo seem to stock it.

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