Friday, February 3, 2012

Never Mind The Botox

I must admit my fondness for Bushman´s Revenge has been growing. They play some mean rock and roll and jazz and so on.
The trio is Even Helte Hermansen (guitar), Rune Nergaard (bass) and Gard Nilssen (drums, percussion, vibraphone), and they just released two brand new albums on Rune Grammofon.

They cover one artist only on "A little bit of big bonanza" (Rune 2012 CD, vinyl, file) (Sonny Sharroc´s "As we used to sing"), the rest is home made. One of the titles is worth the money in itself (at least in Norwegian money): "Hent tollekniven Ivar, det har stranda en hval", meaning "Go fetch the knife Ivar, we´ve got a stranded whale"!)!
Pretty energetic stuff most of this, but they simmer down in "John Lennon was the greatest man who ever lived" (!).

They play one home made tune on "Never mind the botox" (Rune 2012 vinyl, file) ("Bushman rock"), the rest are covers of Black Sabbath, Ornette Coleman, Bob Hund, The Police, Sun Ra and Black Francis.
I´m still working on Bushman´s Revenge´s cover of Ornette Coleman´s beautiful "Lonely Woman", but the rest get thumbs up.

Cover design by Kim Hiorthøy (surprise!).

Here is a recording from an in store concert at Big Dipper in Oslo (more on YouTube if you like).

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