Monday, February 27, 2012

"Timezones for trumpet and wood"

Arve Henriksen - Tidssoner for trompet & treverk from Rikskonsertene on Vimeo.

Norway´s tour organizers Rikskonsertene are organizing a tour with Arve Henriksen and strings, called "Tidssoner for trompet og treverk" (i.e. "Time zones for trumpet and wood"). Check out the video, but prepare yourselves for a little bit of Norwegian from Arve Henriksen. During the interview, Henriksen says that ECM invited him to record with strings 6 years ago, so I guess we will see an album with these people in a while.

I´m happy to see from the tour list (of Norway only), that they will end up i Bergen for a final concert during the Nattjazz festival in the end of May.

The travellers are:
Arve Henriksen - trumpet-vocal
Nils Økland - Hardanger fiddle, viola d’amore, fiddle
Gjermund Larsen - Hardanger fiddle, viola, fiddle
Svante Henryson - cello
Mats Eilertsen (not on the video) - bass
Tord Knudsen - video art
Geir Østensjø - sound design

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