Saturday, February 25, 2012

MOPDTK at Bergen Jazzforum

Finally I got to see and hear Mostly Other People Do The Killing in concert!
I know them best from their albums "Forty Fort" (2010) and "The Coimbra Concert" (2011) (the one with the Keith Jarrett cover), and I had realized that they could go wild of course. This is not laid back, wine sipping jazz, but full speed from the word go!

They pretended to not know what tunes they had been playing, and the titles seemed improvised too, but even if it is madness in there, I´m not being fooled (I think!), these fantastic musicians know what they are doing. A perfect Friday, with a crazy mix of circus music, swing, improv and other suspicious stuff, dished out with smiles and an impressive volume (I can still hear the trumpet).

MOPDTK is Peter Evans – trumpet, Jon Irabagon- sax, Moppa Elliott – bass and Kevin Shea – drums (and some electronics and samples).

Jon Irabagon better watch out, or he may end up in rainy Bergen for good! He´s been here several times to play with HP Gundersen and The Last Hurrah!! (preparing a live album also, I think), and is adding flavor on records by local artists Professor Tip Top (link to Norwegian blog post) and Sergeant Petter link to Norwegian review).

Added 26 February: And somebody was filming too!

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