Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Comicoperando (a reposting)

Here is a reposting for new viewers!
Comicoperando in Amsterdam A tribute to the music of Robert Wyatt.

Dagmar Krause - vocals
Annie Whitehead - trombone, backing vocals
Karen Mantler - Hammond B3, vocals
Michel Delville - synth guitar
John Edwards - double bass
Chris Cutler - drums

More info on YouTube.

Other people playing Wyatt over here.


Phonemes said...

Thank you! Due to illness, I sadly missed the concert, although I live in Amsterdam, so it's great to see this. In case you don't know, the full concert is still available as a radio stream here: http://vprojazzlive.radio6.nl/2012/05/17/comicoperando-2011/
Click the button next to Robert's picture. The actual concert starts some 10 to 15 minutes into the program.

Enjoy, Arthur

Svenn said...

Great! Thanks.