Saturday, October 27, 2012

Remembering Lol Coxhill Part 2 at Cafe Oto

If you happen to be in London 31 October, make sure you visit Cafe Oto for "Remembering Lol Coxhill - Part 2".

The programme:
- Alex Ward (clarinet) and Orphy Robinson (steel pan)
- Dave Stephens - an amusing monologue
- Lou Glandfield - a couple of songs and a brief poem
- Tony Coe (soprano saxophone) playing Billy Strayhorn’s ‘Lotus Blossom’ and other tunes from The Melody Four’s songbook.
- Steve Beresford (piano), Guillaume Viltard (contrabass) and Roger Turner (drums)
- Veryan Weston (piano) and Sam Coxhill-Davis (guitar)
- Terry Day
- 'Murder in the Air' performed by Roger Ely & Roger Turner
- a guest performer from Lol's R&B days in London in the '60s
- A montage of Lol on film by Helen Petts and edited by Blanca Regina.
- A slide show of Lol by Martin Davidson.

I have posted Helen Petts´ video of Lol before (at least once), but so what?

'By the Paths of the Deep River' - Lol Coxhill for TAPS from Helen Petts on Vimeo.

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