Sunday, October 21, 2012

I Want the Beatles to Play at My Art Center!

The exhibition "I Want the Beatles to Play at My Art Center! – Tidsbasert kunst ved HOK 1968-2011" will open at Henie Onstad Art Centre in Oslo 28 October. The exhibition will be accompanied by the releases of a DVD, a book and a double LP.

Artists on the DVD: John Cage, Kjartan Slettemark, KILLL, Arne Nordheim, Stephen O`Malley, Mauricio Kagel, MoHa!, Christopher Nielsen/Masselys, Stian Skagen & Monica Winther.

Tracks on the LP:

Side A
1. Arne Nordheim – A Forum of the Arts (1969)
2. Sigurd Berge – Excerpts from Blikk (1970)
3. Bjørn Fongaard - The Space Concerto for Piano and Tape (1971)

Side B
4. Soft Machine – Teeth (1971)
5. Spontaneous Music Ensemble – Norway (1971)
6. Paal-Helge Haugen & Kåre Kolberg – Excerpts from Requiem for Janis
Joplin (1972)
7. Svein Finnerud Trio – Olga (1974)
8. Hal Clark – The Monkey and Organ Grinder (1975)

Side C
9. The Aller Værste! - Dans til musikken (1980)
10. John Cage – Excerpts from Muoyce (1983)
11. Magne Hegdal – Music for Marcel Duchamp (1983)
12. Lasse Marhaug – Ear Era 7 (2008)
13. Jim O`Rourke - Aunt Esther (2010)

Side D
14. Deathprod - Studio (2010)
15. Håkon Kornstad – Improvisations for Karin (2011)
16. Jenny Hval – You sign your name (2012)

The Soft Machine track "Teeth" from 1971, must be the same teeth that we find on the album Soft Machine "Live at Henie Onstad Art Centre 1971" (Reel Recordings 2009 CD and Smalltown Superjazz 2010 LP).

The exhibition and the releases are curated by Lars Mørch Finborud, and you will get all the info you need over at Prisma Records.

Added 25 October: Lars Mørch Finborud added a comment on my Norwegian blog - stating that the Soft Machine track is not the same as on the Reel Rec/Smalltown release, but from the second concert they played at the art center!

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