Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ivar Grydeland - "Bathymetric Modes"

Ivar Grydeland´s (Huntsville, Ballrogg, Dans Les Arbres) first solo album , "Bathymetric Modes" (Hubro 2012), is here.
What we get is a couple of really nice tunes based on acoustic guitar, and some beautiful ambient soundscapes, where the compact graphic synthesizer called Tendori-on (YouTube, Wikipedia) is playing a major role.

The title of the record suggests that the topic might be underwater topography, but to me this could be the soundtrack to shimmering water.
Relaxing and very, very nice music!

I often think albums and concerts are too long, but I wouldn´t mind if Grydeland stretched this one to a bit more then the half hour we get.

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