Sunday, December 16, 2012

Die, Allround Handwerker!

Friday night I attended the release concert for Øyvind Skarbøs drum album "Die, Allround Handwerker!" (+3dB SUB 2012) at Bergen Kjøtt.

Skarbø did a short, but elegant concert, surrounded by video projections, in what was a fantastic use of the industrial concert hall. Light man Birk in full control here.
The videos will be uploaded later, probably on Skarbø´s own site.

If you have seen Skarbø live with 1982, BMX or solo, then you know that "drumming" also means, blowing through your drum, creative use of corn and throwing and shaking tealight holders.

The new album will make an exciting soundtrack to around half an hour of your life, mostly solo Skarbø, but with Kresten Osgood joining on one track.
Only 100 CD-Rs made, all numbered by hand (I have got 1/100).

Cover design:Blankblank.

Øyvind Skarbø might want to think before he prints "blurbs" the next time (check out the critics on this one here).

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