Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Epic Soundtracks

I just learnt that Troubador released "Wild Smile", a double CD collection of the songs of Epic Soundtracks, also known as Kevin Paul Godfrey (1959 - 1997).

He used to play in Swell Maps with his brother Nikki Sudden, but on "Wild Smile" his solo career is in focus.

To read about the album (I order my copy in a couple of minutes, and haven´t heard the album yet), head on over to Aquarium Drunkard or All Music.

Let´s steal this sentence from All Music: "The real treat is the second disc of rarities that gathers tracks going back to 1981 ("Jelly, Babies" from his 1981 EP on Rough Trade) all the way up to performances from his last show in 1997", and add that the one and only Robert Wyatt is guesting on "Jelly Babies".

No surprise I guess, that some crook uploaded "Jelly Babies" to YouTube, but if you promise to buy the album you may listen here. And not only that, an upload from a cassette where Epic Soundtracks is talking about the same track, may be found here.

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