Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sound Art

This year´s issue of the Norwegian art journal Kunstjournalen B-post "introduces audio art, sonic art, sound art – art that makes use of sound in one form or another".
You may read it (in English!) and listen over here.

Table of contents:


Jørgen Larsson: Sound art in 2012
Karen Skog: En samling materialer
Brandon LaBelle: On listening
Sissel Lillebostad: In conversation with Nicholas Møllerhaug and Espen Sommer Eide
Mahlet Ogbe Habte: Funeral songs
Carl Michael von Hausswolff: freq_out 8 – 4 250 cubic metres and 48 hours of sound
Finnbogi Petursson: 2hz Surface Drawing 2012
Carsten Seiffarth: About Sound Installation Art
Anne Marthe Dyvi: Qualia
Sissel Lillebostad: The Sound of a Tower
Roar Sletteland: In conversation with Anne Hilde Neset 29.8.2012
Jana Winderen: Backswimmers
Maria Andueza Olmedo: The collective sign of auditory visual imagery
Trond Lossius: Generative strategies in sound installations

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