Monday, April 29, 2013

Falling Behind

I´m falling behind in this blog. So much great music is being played and released, that it´s almost too much!
I realized that I have hardly mentioned the new Richard Thompson album here, so I will cheat a bit, and just make a list of recommendations to catch up.

You know what I like, so please check these ones out right away, if you need some more great music that is!

AKODE: AKODE (Gaffer Records)
- Norwegians Johannesen, Høyer, Knedal Andersen with Alan Wilkinson very much alive in Sandnes (Norway)!

Charles Bradley: "Victim of love" (Daptone/Dunham)
- Powerful, hot soul.

Grand General: "Grand General" (Rune Grammofon)
- Prog-jazzrock with Ola Kvernberg on violin and viola.

Kristoffer Lo: "Anomie" (Gigafon)
- Slow, dark, spooky tuba music.

Roscoe Mitchell: "Duets with Tyshawn Sorey and Special Guest Hugh Ragin" (Wide Hive)
- Let´s cite the record company: "Frequently called an innovative genius, Roscoe has a remarkable ability to catch the improvisational spark with a practiced and methodical accuracy." Nice!

Phantom Orchard Orchestra: "Trouble in Paradise" (Tzadik)
- Beautiful experimental music with a.o. Maja Ratkje and Hild Sofie Tafjord.

Shuggie Otis: "Introducing" (Epic)
- Much talked about funky disco-soul. I found this one on Record Store Day (top picture).

Mark Solborg: "The Trees" (Ilk/The Orchard)
- Fantastic album from the Danish guitar player Solborg, with a.o. Evan Parker and Mats Eilertsen. Listen at bottom of blog post.

Splashgirl: "Field Day Ritual" (Hubro)
- Beautiful doom piano trio, with Eyvind Kang guesting.

Richard Thompson: "Electric" (Proper)
- Great rock-and-doom-and-gloom-folk. I need to see Thompson live again! Soon!


schlep said...

Hello, on the subject of recommends - You might enjoy Crayola Lectern, his music is Wyatt-esque I think! The two songs at the top of this page are from his new CD.

Enjoy. I agree on the new RT album, great sound, rhythms, guitar

Svenn said...

Thanks! Will check out (that is: playing right now)