Sunday, April 28, 2013


If you have visited this blog sometimes, you have probably noticed that I´m quite fond of melancholic British folk music, June Tabor included? You will not be surprised then, when I tell you to please get hold of a copy of the album Quercus, named after the trio Quercus, and released by ECM?

Forget what you think you know about ECM records, this is a folk album focusing on June Tabor´s beautiful voice. Tabor´s regular pianist Huw Warren and the Food sax player Iain Ballamy make this a perfect match!

Not that you are going to be able to hear any audience noises, but this music was recorded live in 2006, and they are touring again these days. Wish I could hear them live soon!
The songs are written by Burns, Shakespeare, Les Barker and others, and if you buy the CD you will get the lyrics too, but me, stupid guy, downloaded from iTunes and got nothing but sound.
(Couldn´t find a hard copy in all of Bergen, to be honest).

You may read reviews over at Dalston Sound and AAJ before you buy, and maybe read a little bit about the oak too?


miloo2 said...

Thanks for dropping a word, Svenn. I am very curious about this new ECM! And also thank you for your blog, source of continuos inspiration for us, Canterbury scene and related contemporary music lovers :-)

Svenn said...