Saturday, April 20, 2013

Sunny Murray

Sunny's time now from NI VU NI CONNU on Vimeo.

Looking for some jazz videos the other night, I happened to watch a teaser for the film "Sunny´s Time Now" by Antoine Prum, a documentary on the drummer Sunny Murray, and I was happy to see they had also interviewed Robert Wyatt, among lots of other people, on what Murray had meant to them.

Let´s steal from Vimeo:

"Featuring a series of interviews with key time witnesses (Val Wilmer, Cecil Taylor, Tony Bevan, Bobby Few, Sonny Simmons, François Tusques a.o.) and extensive concert footage, the film adopts a European point of view to reassess the complex relationships between the libertarian music movement and the political climate of an era whose revolutionary echoes still resonate today."

And surprise!, surprise! you may watch the whole film right here! Recommended!
Robert Wyatt is on around 79 minutes, under the title "End of an ear".

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