Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Kevin Ayers tribute in Uncut

There is a nice tribute to Kevin Ayers in Uncut no 192 (May 2013): Allan Jones: "Kevin Ayers 1944 - 2013" (p. 16-20, and editorial).

You get the usual picture of Kevin Ayers being more focused on drinks and ladies than on working on his career, and you get interviews with collaborators like Robert Wyatt, Mike Oldfield and Peter Jenner.
Let´s cite Wyatt: "To me, what gave us the right, what gave us the nerve to become Soft Machine and do our own stuff was Kevin´s songs. Unfortunately, they got kind of side-lined and torpedoed by the live act we became. We always blasted away instrumentally and marginalised these great songs, and I´ve always felt a little sheepish about that".

Uncut recommend four Harvest albums:
"Joy of a toy" (1969), "Shooting at the moon" (1970), "Whatevershebringswesing" (1971) and "Bananamour" (1973). I suggest you pick up "The Unfairground" (Lo-Max 2007) too.

Enjoy the video with Kevin Ayers singing "Falling in love again", and don´t turn it off until you have seen how he finishes the song!

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