Saturday, June 29, 2013

Peter Blegvad live at WFMU

A new CD with Peter Blegvad´s best recordings from visits at at the radio station WFMU (1988-89), has been released. To get it, it seems like you must donate at least $75 to WFMU.

Peter Blegvad (guitar, vocals)
Kristoffer Blegvad (guitar on 14, 15 & 16)
Kaye Blegvad (cover art)

Here are the tracks, and Peter Blegvad´s discography is right over here.

4'17 Wife of Usher's Well
3'51 Naked Shakespeare
3'44 Let Him Go
3'22 When the Work Was New
4'09 Real Slap in the Face
4'12 Strong Simple Silences
3'53 The Great Escape
4'12 Card to Bernard
1'20 Improv Tune
3'38 Crumb De La Crumb
3'49 How Beautiful You Are
4'22 Model of Kindness
3'25 Powers in the Air
5'31 King Strut
2'18 Vermont
3'48 The Incinerator

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