Sunday, June 16, 2013


Tusmørke - En verden av i går from Martin Furan on Vimeo.

We had Gong in the previous post, and i wonder if you can take some fresh Norwegian prog now?

I attended an instore concert by Tusmørke ("Twilight") at the fine Apollon record store in Bergen Saturday (they played the Bergenfest festival later in the evening). And let me tell you, these guys are PROG! We talk hooded singer a la wizard, and far out lyrics (all in glorious Norwegian).
And believe it or not, this band was great fun!

Check out the video for "En verden av i går" ("Yesterday´s world") and decide if you want to fight for one of the 300 copies made of the 12" “Den Internasjonale Bronsealderen” ("The international bronze age") (FreshTea 2013).

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