Thursday, July 24, 2014

Common (Jimmy McGovern)

Over at What´s Rattlin´ i found some info on a BBC One aired drama called "Common", written by Jimmy McGovern, and with a soundtrack featuring two songs sung by Robert Wyatt, and with music by Adrian Johnston.

Several messages on Twitter on the case, seem to indicate that the songs were recorded for "Common", with no plans for release in any other format. Oh, come on!

The two songs seem to have been Paul Laurence Dunbar´s "The Debt" and Elizabeth Drew Barstod Stoddard´s "One morn I left him in his bed".

Or what? Do you have any info?


Unknown said...

Wish I knew! Absolutely beautiful songs- I just watched Common and was so impressed- music beautifully handled, perfect for it.

Brom said...

No info I'm afraid, but I just watched this very moving film and I instantly loved those tracks. I'd do anything to get my hands on them.

Thanks for enlightening me on the songs!