Saturday, July 26, 2014

Rock Bottom For Forty Years

Today we celebrate that Robert Wyatt´s album "Rock Bottom" (Virgin 26 July, 1974) has been in this world for 40 years, and is still sounding fresh!

The personnel (what a gang!):

Robert Wyatt – vocals, keyboards, percussion, slide guitar
Mike Oldfield – guitar
Gary Windo – bass clarinet, tenor sax
Ivor Cutler – voice, baritone concertina, harmonium
Alfreda Benge – voice
Mongezi Feza – trumpets
Fred Frith – viola
Hugh Hopper – bass guitar
Richard Sinclair – bass guitar
Laurie Allan – drums

Nick Mason: Producer

Alfreda Benge: Cover (both original and 1998 re-issue)

The very same day that "Rock Bottom" was released, Robert Wyatt and Alfreda Benge got married. Congratulations to them on their 40th wedding day!

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