Thursday, August 2, 2007

1:Wyattron 2:Emily Haines

What in the world is a "Wyattron"? A lot of people are wondering, since it appears in the announcement of the new Kevin Ayers album ("Unfairground"), and Björk use this expression after the cooperation with Wyatt on "Medulla". Pitchfork is of the opinion that it might be a bearded robot, but it is Wyatt's voice recorded and played with a kind of a mellotron? True, Heh?

Emily Haines is interviewed by HARP, and you may read "How Robert Wyatt Changed My Life" yourselves.


Anonymous said...

I met Emily Haines in University. I was studying Sound recording in the Communications Dept. at Concordia Univ. in Montreal and a friend, who was studying film, asked if I would record a song fro her film. Emily, who, I believe, was a Music Major, came to the studio and did a brilliant cover of Dylan's "Just Like a Woman". She made me promise that I would destroy the original recording because of copyright concerns. If you ever read this Emily, I just want to let you know that, as difficult as it was, I kept my promise.

Peter Fedun

Svenn said...

Heh heh. Thanks for this one. Honest people, heh! All the gems we loose because of them!