Monday, August 20, 2007

Free will and testament

This is one of my favorites (written by Wyatt and Kramer), and look at this recording. The man is king!

You may find the song recorded here:
Hugh Hopper & Kramer: A Remark Hugh Made (Shimmy, 1994)
Robert Wyatt: Free Will And Testament (7", Trade 2, 1997)
Robert Wyatt: Shleep (Hannibal, 1997)
Robert Wyatt: EPs (Hannibal, 1999, remix)
Robert Wyatt: His Greatest Misses (Hannibal, Japan, 2004)
Christine Collister : The Dark Gift Of Time (Fledgeling, 1998, cover)


Jean-Paul said...

... and you will also find this song on…

- The Different You - Robert Wyatt e noi (tribute) [1998]
(A. Chimenti/M. Redeghieri)

- Soupsongs Live [2000]

- The Amos House Collection Vol II [2002]
(Elf Power)

- Be In The No- Air - A Tribute To Robert Wyatt [2002]

- Private Lines [2002]

Svenn said...

Thanks! The two first one I should have managed, but I lack the next three! (I copy this comment to my Norwegian blog - starting to regret I have two!)