Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Nick Drake

Some of you may have noticed that we have been blessed with a new Nick Drake album.
"Family tree" is a collection of newly discovered recordings (from somebody's basement I guess). Nick Drake recorded three records in his time, and none of them were bestsellers: "Five leaves left" (1969), "Bryter later" (1970) and "Pink moon" (1972). I picked up "Bryter Later" around 1976, seeing John Cale and Richard Thompson credited on the cover, and this is still my favourite.
In addition to regular collections like "Fruit Tree" (1986), "Heaven in a wild flower" (1986) and "Way too blue" (1994), we already have collections of alternative recordings and unrecorded songs in "Time of no reply" (1986) and "Made to love magic" (2004). On the inner cover of the last one, John Wood claims it is "The final Nick Drake album". I have not bought the new one, and the question is - do we need more now?

"Now that I am dead
I can finally make a living"
("Now that I am dead" - French Frith Kaiser Thompson, 1990)

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