Saturday, March 1, 2008

Borealis Day 4

Friday The Borealis Festival occupied the club BIT Teatergarasjen. It all started off with Metal Music Machine (Jazkamer m Astro/Hiroshi Hasegawa), with Anders Hana and people from Manngard and Enslaved. They pumped out noise a la rock and roll, including some equipment wrecking, stone throwing and the rest of the package. It's not necessary to be that angry boys!
Then came Gamaltnymalt ("Old New Paint") on stage. They are three Norwegians playing Hardanger Fiddle, and doing it good! A pity the audience were bit noisy. Some people don't recognise good rock and roll until you throw it in their faces.
The last band on stage was Boris and Michio Kurihara. I think I'll call this prog-noise. They had a double necked guitar, a smoke machine on speed, a real rock drummer (devil signs all the way) and some beautiful psychedelia in between. Sugoi! I have to admit I kind of liked this and even bought an album of Boris and Sun o))), that sounded very promising after one hearing. Check out the Akuma no Uta, and the nice "Nick Drake cover"!
Let's hope I'll manage to put some more (and better!) pictures in myBorealis set on Flickr in a couple of days.

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