Monday, March 31, 2008


We've had some Richard Thompson postings here, but I'm so looking forward to the concert in Bergen in May, that I also have to suggest that you borrow or buy the 5CD-box "RT. The life and music of Richard Thompson" (Free Reed 2006). Are you counting 6 CDs? That's right, you could also write in and get an extra CD with material from here there and everywhere.This box is so good, with lots of great live versions, and one of the CDs is a collection of songs RT fans consider essential (and should be a great one for preparing for the sing-along):
I feel so good
Push and shove
Time to ring some changes
Cooksferry queen
Walzing's for dreamers
I want to see the bright lights tonight
I misunderstood
Meet on the ledge
Down where the drunkards roll
Tear-stained letter
Wall of death
1952 Vincent Black Lightning
From Galway to Graceland
Crazy man Michael
Dimming of the day

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