Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Stalinist angel?

It is a nice interview with Billy Bragg in The Guardian today, where he talks about love, politics and music. On meeting Robert Wyatt again it goes: "Rhubarb," he adds as an aside, "is the celery of the gods." Off Bragg went to Louth market. "And as I was parking in the town square, who should be sitting there with his missus, on a bench smoking a cigar, but the grand old man himself, Robert Wyatt! Who I hadn't really seen since Red Wedge, and who welcomed me like a long-lost son." Bragg handed him a demo and invited him into the studio. "For a Stalinist," he smiles, "he really knows how to sing like an angel." Come on, Wyatt's too nice to be a Stalinist?

Let me throw in an interview from The New Statesman too. I seem to have missed this one in October, waiting for Comicopera to be released. Looks like a wise guy to me. Here's one of the questions with answer: "Are we all doomed? You mean, are we all going to die? Given the evidence, it does seem so, yes. Sorry, Cliff."

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