Saturday, March 8, 2008

University of errors

I'm looking forward to see Daevid Allen's University Of Errors at The Garage club in Bergen 14 May. A DVD called "Daevid Allen's University of Errors plays The Soft Machine" is on it's way on Voiceprint. This is a live recording from Amsterdam in 2006, and here are the songs (taken from Voiceprint):
1. That's How Much I Need You Now - Robert Wyatt 2. Save Yourself - Robert Wyatt 3. Hope For Happiness - Brian Hopper 4. She's Gone - Kevin Ayers 5. When I Don't Want You - Hugh Hopper 6. You Don't Remember - Robert Wyatt/Daevid Allen 7. I Should Have Known - Hugh Hopper 8. Shooting At The Moon - Kevin Ayers 9. Stoned Innocent Frankenstein - Daevid Allen 10. Fohat Digs Holes in Space - Daevid Allen/Gilli Smyth 11. Love Makes Sweet Music - Kevin Ayers.

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