Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Old Rottenhat

I once did suggest "Old Rottenhat" as one of the good Robert Wyatt albums to start buying, but I want to wave it in front of you once more. Now you've listened to "Comic Opera" and hopefully worked your way a bit back in the Wyatt catalog. I see no reason to stop, and please get "Old Rottenhat" from 1985. It may sound modest, but it's beautiful, the lyrics are a bit harsh (that may be the wrong word, but for a Norwegian it sounds pretty cool!), the cover is yellow "and it's Eastertime too"!


Benoît BROYART said...

Hi Svenn,
Thanks for your message on my blog. Yes, of course, Old Rodenhat is beautiful and sorry because my english is awful. Listen to Robert anywhere,anytime. It's good for the ears !

Wavedeform said...

This album has one of my all-time favorite Wyatt songs on it: Gharbzadegi