Friday, April 11, 2008

The Great Mr. Robert Wyatt

Sometimes it all fits. The main magazine sellers i Norway (Narvesen) decide that they want to sell "Fantastic Man", the same week they have a 25% reduction in prices on foreign magazines (and they are expensive!) and Robert Wyatt is in the very issue (no 7). Some of you may ask what Robert Wyatt is doing in a fashion magazine aimed at the well dressed (and quite rich?) man, but I guess these people just understand how Wyatt fits in everywhere!
The piece is called "The Great Mr.Rober Wyatt and how he came to sing with such a tender voice", and you get a run through of his life and career, coupled with an interview. As always you get some words on alcohol and smoking, and even a 100% non-smoker like me have to smile at this:"I've managed to to give up a couple of times but I become all misanthropic and right-wing". Interviewer is Alex Needham, and Paul Weatherall is portrait photographer. Great pictures!!
Another main figure in this issue is fashion man Tom Ford. Damn, isn't he cool! In his collection he has velvet slippers, with the letters TF embroidered in gold. Are my Freudian slippers out of style then?

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