Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Museum Gong

The following letter was sent to members of "Planet Gong" on Facebook. In Bordeaux they are planning a Gong exhibition, and since Daevid Allen is on the road again (and visiting Bergen too 14 May) and I guess a lot of Gong memories have gone up in smoke (*cough*), we try to help!

"Call for early Gong objects and documents – Gong exhibition

Dear Gong fans:
An exhibition about Gong is currently being organised at CAPC Museum
of Contemporary Art in Bordeaux, France and will open the 27th of
November, 2008. It is organised by Yann Chateigné, head of programs of
the museum, along with a team of young curators.

The exhibition will show artworks, objects and documents related to
the history of Gong during its first period (1968-1975), as well as
artworks by contemporary artists showing the resurgences of
psychedelia in a wider sense. Moreover, the exhibition space will be
the framework for a music festival, which aims to blend concerts by
original Gong members and younger bands.

We, organizers, would like to dedicate a special part of the exhibition
to the various objects handmade by Gong fans.…
We are also seeking for early Gong photographs and films.

The following materials are particulary looked for :

Puppets, small objects (handicraft representing the famous Gong
iconography… or remains of Gong concerts)
Photographs of Gong
Films of Gong (concerts, documentaries, TV shows…)
Audio recordings
Press material

WE NEED YOUR HELP : if you ever own or know the existence of such
objects, please get in contact with us as soon as possible :


All the borrowings will follow the loan procedure of the museum and
will be covered by insurance. They could be also reproduced in a

Thank you in advance for your kind collaboration.
Hope to meet you in Bordeaux !

Axelle Blanc, curator

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